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Press Release: The Wi-Fi Technology Forum recently released the WirelessGet wireless file sharing application through its sister site wirelessget.com and upgraded it to a new version. The most attractive feature about WirelessGet is its ability to copy over Wireless / Wi-Fi any files or folders with resume capability with phenomenal speed. That can be from a network drive, hard drive, USB Stick, DVD / CD or any other storage media (Including a wired LAN). As long as you have access to and the owner is allowed to share with you, copying over Wi-Fi is a breeze, public or private Wi-Fi hotspots locations or access points are no exception.
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Posted by Admin on May 27, 2009 - 01:29 AM
After more than a year, the WirelessGet site is live again with a new interface and design (still populating it though). After a long wait, we now have launched WirelessGet 1.3 which is a new version, the old version. This version is completely Free software and includes the user license, not a lot of changes except some minor cosmetic face lifts and of course removed the 30 day restriction.
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